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22.06.2011 (1925 Days Ago)
United States, Anywhere
TitleWelcome back Shelly Dressel, Channel, Teacher to Awake: Now What?
Place nameAnywhere
Date start26.06.2011 18:00 (1921 Days Ago)
Date end26.06.2011 20:00 (1921 Days Ago)

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I think we are all influenced by people, events, circumstances, life and more when it comes to our spiritual development. I know for me, it was all of the above. My life’s situation changed and through that I sought to figure out what my purpose was and what truly had meaning for me. I found that time of my life was one of constantly seeking. Sometimes I found the answers, other times it was more obscure!

It was that question for finding out who I was and what my purpose was that led me to channeling. I took numerous classes in Reiki, Numerology, Psychic Awakening and meditation. In fact, if I was the least bit interested, I jumped and took the class. I also read many, many books on a variety of subjects. I laugh to myself to remember the things that I thought were so far ‘out there’ and yet now, it’s my basic understanding of what makes my life work!

As I first opened to channel in the mid ‘90’s, it was to my higher self. From there I quickly moved to working with Archangel Michael. I have such a solid core group of energies that are always with me. This creates the foundation through which I link to the universe, the Ray Lords, other people; most anything that comes my way. When in channel, I am able to create an alignment with and therefore channel most anything including angels, teachers, guides, the dolphins, other animals or people. Through Soul Communication, I can create a bridge that allows me to communicate with people on either side of the veil.

Then in 2001 I first came into contact with the Goddess of Creation. I felt such a strong resonance! One weekend in June of that year, I had a couple friends come to visit. While doing energy work a friend and I both become infused with the light and vibration of the Goddess of Creation. My friend was on the table, lying on her stomach. I was at her head, when suddenly an intense white light came through a corner of the ceiling and infused my friend through the back of her head and me in my heart, throat, head centers and my third eye. We both felt an immense expansion and we began trying to speak in the language of creation. The words came out garbled, but we knew we would be working with them more! Less than two months after that I began to channel the Goddess verbally and have been doing so ever since. The depth of information I bring through has expanded exponentially as the earth has ascended, I have evolved and she has a ground foundation with which to link.

My intention for my life is it live fully in every moment. To be in a place of balance that supports and nurtures me in all ways. As life happens, I will flow with the energy always coming back to a place of love and joy. The message from the Goddess of Creation is about opening and accepting love and joy within you. When your life is focused around these elements, everything else will fall into place!

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