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10.12.2011 (1755 Days Ago)
United States, Anywhere
TitleShelly, The Goddess and Friends, Speaking with Jeshua, Mary & Joseph
Place nameAnywhere
Date start12.12.2011 20:00 (1753 Days Ago)
Date end12.12.2011 21:00 (1753 Days Ago)

This session is at 5:00pm PT, 8:00 pm ET


This is the time of year where there is so much focus around the birth of Christ.  I think sometimes the true emotion can get lost in all the celebration and commercial aspect.  But there is still a lot that is behind this season.  So we will reach out to all who were a part of the birth of Jeshua.  Perhaps we’ll even follow him in his life.  I know that it will be a wonderful time of love and compassion.  I invite you to take an hour or so to experience the love and awareness of the season.


All members welcome.

Shelly Dressel
_Shelly Dressel
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