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We call in the Lords and Ladies of Shamballa, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters, the Gatekeeper Guides, the Guardian Angels, the Elohim, your spirit guides and all those of the highest light to be with us in protecting you, and assisting you, and we call in the stars and planets from where you originated, to bring forth their wisdom, love and grace to assist those in human bodies to grow in knowledge, evolve in the crystal energies, awaken those parts of you that are still striving to go higher, and brighter, and become that luminous light of love that you hold in your God cells, your atoms, your molecules, your adamantine particles and awaken each of you to be all that you can be. You are remembering that you, too, are divine and worthy, and the energies coming from the galactic suns are assisting you in activating, attaching, opening, clearing, cleansing, aligning, centering, balancing, and filling the opening left from blocked energy, to be filled with the rainbow, crystal, liquid light of love. For this we are grateful to Mother/Father God, and all who assist.


Dearly Beloved: We gather together in this now moment, that is creation within creation.


We will give you the second part of Aspects at a later date. We are, instead, offering a channeling that is available to all members and is one of importance that is great enough to be brought back to the whole of you in this now time.


We are talking again about victims, because their are many who still sit in their own little world feeling sorry for themselves, and have not moved away from the place you are occupying that you have resided in for many years in your earth time.


We see the energies pushing and pushing to move these so called victims out of their rocking chair, and the pushing is getting stronger and stronger, and will continue to escalate until such time you choose to move ahead and past this belief system, a habit that has become part of you, and many have oft been told that they can accomplish this by changing. Change something, change anything, but change.


You have rooted yourself into your story line you no longer see the only thing you can change is yourself. Resistance to this change creates the old patterns that you have created. You must have someone to blame, because it could not be you. Precisely why would you change, when there are still people who will listen to your pity party stories. You are still getting a payback. We are here to remind you that what you resist, persists. You cannot change your vibration and move forward if you continue in this same pattern. You have been told you cannot take anything with you, that also includes your old belief systems, and wallowing in self pity keeps you straddling the path that is your journey.


It keeps you from accessing the higher knowing, the activation of the DNA layers that can only be activated from these higher dimensions of higher vibrations. As you know you grow, and you are not leaping forward as you have seen others do because you are still in the same place.


Our assistance is always available, but you must use this information we give you. If you leave it sitting there and do nothing to change yourself, you will find your journey become more and more difficult. You have always blamed someone else for your situation, when it is you who are creating it in the lower dimensions, and all we ask is that you accept the responsibility for being the creator God that you each are, and change your creation.


Relationships are being challenged to the point of dissolution. This does not have to be this way, but you so enjoy the payback you are getting, that you will not change. There are many factors for all of this. You do not trust yourself or the Universe. You are in fear, and create more and more fear.


We understand your reluctance to change, but we tell you that only with change can you move forward, and co-create that life of joy, abundance, happiness and love.


You are in partnership with creator source, you are also in partnership with your aspects. Bring in your aspects from the higher vibrations, merge with as much of these aspects as you can, and also bring in those aspects of you who live on the same dimension you reside on, and ask them for help.


You can also talk to others, your friends, your relatives, for guidance. They can show you your path. but only you can walk it. You can ask your guardian angels, your gatekeeper angels, your archangels, your ascended masters, your animal totems who reside in the animal kingdom, those from the elven kingdom, those from the mineral kingdom, the crystals, and gems, the rocks, all that resides on the Earth can assist you as well. You can keep a journal and write down any change you make, and watch and see how the changes assist you.


If it is easier, you can journal all of the stories you have created and list all that is there that is holding you back. You can give your journal a name. You can call it the old me, or any other name of your choice, you can write down all that is making your life miserable. you can go back to your earliest memories, any that have contributed to your unhappiness and lack of joy.


Take your time when you do this. many memories will return where you felt alienated and hurt, write all of these down, and take out a photo book if some memories are harder to bring back. Talk to those who remember details you may have forgotten, review any and all aspects of your story. Document these, because the inner child is crying in loneliness, and you are the only one who can take this inner child in your embrace. Listen and then bring this back from your subconsciousness, your unconscious, and bring it into your consciousness to be transmuted and return this to creator source to clear, and ask for new, clear, pure, unadulterated light to occupy the space vacated by this tainted energy.


Do this, and keep doing it until you get a knowing that all that was there has been cleansed, aligned, centered, and balanced.


When you have completed this task, make another journal, this one holding all the dreams you had as a child, and dream your highest dream, and take pictures of the life you had asked to have that did not happen.


Give the creator and yourself many pictures of the way you wished to have your life be, and have dreamed of. When you have completed this, then go back to yourself as you matured in your life, and again write down all that has not been your highest dream, all that has led to the role of victim that you have created in your life.


You did not want your life to be filled with sadness, unhappiness, and lovelessness. You did; however, create these emotions in your life, and it is not too late to change the patterns you created in your early years, and older years, this process we have given you is one of many you can use to change yourself. You are only a victim if you allow yourself to be. We do not want you to suffer, we want you to step out and take a chance on you, find out who you are as your authentic self, and many of you are nowhere near knowing this.


You are caught on a wheel of karma, and we tell you that you do not have to stay there. Karma no longer exists in the way it once did and is no longer being created; however, any karma left over from the past is still waiting to be transmuted, and make it your resolution to be that divine child of God.


You have all been here before, and we are so grateful to those who have moved past your karma and transmuted it into grace. You are the lightworkers who are beaming their light into the world and universe, you are the ones who are assisting the earth in its ascension, and the more light you can cast before you, the easier it is for the Earth to evolve, The easier it is for the Earth to lessen the Earth changes. We know there are those of you who are stuck. You are stuck because you cannot change, or so you believe. You think you are being punished, you think you are loved less, and none of this is your fault. This is not a time to blame, this is not a time to feel shame. You have all been given the tools to work with, and work with them. Don't let them sit in the box they arrived in. use them, and grow.


This is a time that is like no other, it is a time when the energies are here to assist each of you in your journey. This is a time when you can move ahead faster than any other time in the history of the universe.


All of you are being assisted as never before, but you are the only one who can change you.


Wake up with a smile on your face, and affirm to the world that you are ready. You are ready to be all that you can be, and you will smile and feel that moment of joy.


Live in this NOW moment where there is no past or future. Then, in this now moment change all of the challenges you have hidden within, bring these out, and send them back to creator to be transmuted. This is all possible from this now moment. There is not past or future, except in your own mind. Wipe the slate clean, and live in the now. You know you can do it, but of course, you must first try with just the smallest change.


We will give you a little exercise to use, that works beautifully. Take some of your own favorite music, and bring that music into your heart space, listen, and enjoy. For that short time you have changed yourself. You have done something different. Many of you have a lot of old energies in the basements and attics of your homes. Clean this out, and release these old energies. This is also a change. Eat breakfast at nighttime instead of the morning. Reverse the order that you put your shoes on. Sit down and start that journal. You will be amazed at the difference this makes in how you feel. You have been caught in your own pattern, change the pattern. Work on the easy parts first. This will give you confidence to tackle the more difficult things. If the news makes you unhappy, don't listen to it. Change. Change. Change. If your children cause you grief, love them enough to stay out of their business. Love them enough to allow them to make their own mistakes. You will be surprised at the difference this makes in your relationship.


We will close by telling you that you create your own life, and not that of another. Each human angel in a human body is doing that very thing, and those of you who are leaping ahead have learned these lessons. This is what each of you can do, so do it, please do it. We want you to find as much joy as you can create, and there is no limit placed on this. Be all that you can be.


And so it is.


With this, we remind you please play kindly with each other, treat others as you wish to be treated, love others as you wish to be loved, and be the change that you seek, and the love that you are. With this we close this transmission.


We are the Goddesses, at one with the Alpha Masters, assisting humanity to unite the above and below in golden, white, silver,turquoise, magenta and platinum liquid radiance, and we are love so be love.


I AM a receptacle of divine love, grace, and ancient wisdom and I AM ready.

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