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Numerology - The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.


August 2011 (30/3), brings a sense of celebration and somewhat restless energies which require you to stay balanced and use them constructively in your life. This is the energy of creation, of fertility. It brings you the potential to move into a field of endeavor that allows you to move into creative areas in your natural inclinations. The goal is to celebrate your own self-expression and creativity guided by your intuition.

AUGUST 1 to AUGUST 6, 2011 (21/3)

You begin this month with experiences in the area of loyalty. Loyalty is often attached to friendship. So these experiences will be for you to define what is true friendship. Also, it is for you to learn not to waste time or effort or energy on fighting things you cannot change. This is a period of the old order changing to the new with an opportunity for peace and using creative energies to express your ideas for the expansion and growth of all concerned. You begin the month with a 22/4 which is the Spiritual Master Builder so you are to take everything you learned from your experiences and manifest it into your life by integrating it into your personal reality. Then you move to a day where you appreciate the fact that evolution is about adventure and change so work on any insecurities based in the “known” to enable you to have the joy of exploring the unknown. The Spiritual Master Builder energies are in the background again as you experience a day of increased sensitivity to what lies beneath the surface so that you can stand on your own foundation and take advantage of opportunities to get into the flow and respond to “unexpected” events as they are presented to you and then integrate that bounty into you. Now you have a day to withdraw into a reflective state in order to connect firmly with your intuition, with your Soul Self, and listen to your inner voice which will give you direction for further activity so remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable to make whatever adjustments are necessary to demonstrate the truth. A day of easy-flowing energies presents itself so that you can examine and investigate any spontaneously arising events in your affairs so that you can take whatever action is necessary to bring them into alignment with whom you are. You end this period with a day of sharing your accomplishments while maintaining harmony and peace within so that you gain a deeper understanding of what a true relationship is and what loyalty really means. The goal for this time is for you to find your inner peace which starts with loyalty to self and your understanding of truth.

AUGUST 7 to AUGUST 13, 2011 (19/10/1)

This is a karmic week so realize every event which occurs cannot be avoided, evaded or ignored. The purpose of these energies is for you to balance within whom you are so that you can collect, synthesize and regenerate past patterns in the process of taking your destiny into your own hands as part of God’s plan in action. It is time for you to take the leadership in your own creation in your own way. You begin with experiences showing you your desires so that you can use the power of your imagination and your intuitive wisdom to manifest that into your life. A day of Master Messenger energies brings an intensity that pushes you to tune into your intuition for direction by providing you with insights and revelations so that you can bring balance into your affairs. Restless energies are presented to you as you are requested to celebrate your creative expression so rely on your intuition to stay balanced and you will find that your relationships will blossom and bring happiness and fulfillment. This is followed by a day designed to increase the size of your foundation as news of the new order comes to you so you can be a forerunner for better conditions as long as you realize the value of system and organization to any creation. The Master Spiritual Messenger energies are in the background to assist you in your willingness for new adventures so just remember your Soul has your back and begin to look at your life as a scavenger hunt rather than a surprise party. Once again you have a day that increases your sensitivity to what is beneath the surface so be prepared to take responsibility to put yourself in harmony because once you do that to your inner world it is reflected in your outer world. You end the week with another reflective day to withdraw and reassess how successful you have been in surrendering to the real you, the blend of Spirit and physical. Your goal for this week is to take the initiative, be the pioneer, be the leader in your own life as you take on the mantle of you as part of God’s plan in action.

AUGUST 14 to AUGUST 20,  2011 (23/5)

Underlying this week are the energies of adventure and change. These energies bring you access to your psychic abilities and your sensitivity. They also bring courage to enforce your ideas and concepts in the material plane. As you increase your willingness to accept responsibility and handle it in a constructive way, your freedom will increase. If you have any remaining issues with respect to the concept of security, they will be presented to you for you to learn the only true security is within you. You begin the week with a day that has underlying energies of the Christ Consciousness with the energies of material manifestation on the surface so use this to examine and investigate any details spontaneously arising in your material affairs in order to bring them to their highest vibration in balance with who you are. A day to share what you have learned comes forward for you to maintain harmony and peace in all your relationships which will bring deeper understanding and uplift everyone involved. Now it is time to examine your desires for the future and rely on your intuitive wisdom in conjunction with your power of imagination to manifest your next steps in evolution. This is followed by a day of Master Messenger energies to assist you with insights and revelations so remember there will be messages everywhere to bring balance into your affairs. The restless energies of celebration come to you now so remain centered and follow your intuition and you will receive guidance and direction at this time. This is followed by a most intuitive day that will provide challenges to the “old ways” of doing things so that you can face them in new ways using the value of system and order to bring about worthwhile conditions. You end the week with more restless energy as you explore your concept of freedom so use these energies constructively, in your own way, to accomplish any task. The goal for this week is to accept your psychic abilities, be the individual you are and understand it is all right to enjoy life.

AUGUST 21 to AUGUST 27, 2011 (27/9)

This week brings the vibration of justice and wisdom and the ability to maintain harmony and peace so that you and others are uplifted at all levels. You will have compassion for all and need to work for humanity as a whole as you meet your desire to bring better laws into the world. You are endowed with insight and a deep love and Spiritual understanding of humanity so you may find others seeking you out because they sense you have an original approach to their situation. This is a tremendous opportunity to develop your ideas and bring them into manifestation; however, never lose sight of the fact that each individual has the right to choose their own path. You bigan this week of three days of Master vibrations with the energies of increased sensitivity so that you can examine the foundations, what lies beneath the surface, of your experiences so remember to become centered and take command of your Inner world so that you can respond to events and opportunities that present themselves. A day where the Master Builder energies presents itself to urge you to find the center between the mystical and the mundane within you and integrate and manifest that “knowing” into your life. This moves you to a day where you are asked to examine the details that arise in your life to find the affluence that you have created and choose your actions to create more affluence. Now it is time to share your accomplishments with meaningful companions and you will receive rewards in direct proportion to what you have previously earned as your relationships bloom and bring deeper understandings. A day of the Higher Master of Spiritual Power energies comes to assist you to crystallize conditions so that your ideas and desires are expanded and directed at manifesting the “plan” for all humanity. This is followed by another master day, the Master Messenger, to assist you from your Inner Guidance to see the direction as long as you are sensitive to the insights and revelations offered to you at this time. You end the week with the energies of both celebration and creative expression so do not hesitate to interact and express who you are while you stay connected to your intuition so that you follow your Inner Guidance which is leading you to great joy, harmony and peace. Your goal this week is to stay balanced between your physical and your Spirit in order to understand the true meaning of the Brotherhood of Man and Unconditional Love.

AUGUST 28 to AUGUST 31, 2011 (120/12/3)

You end the month with the energies of communication, expansion and growth which bring forth a spiritual awakening and illumination that can help uplift humankind. The power to see the truth and to be aware of reforms that are necessary. It is time for you to clarify your convictions and have the courage to live them so that you can assist in bringing the world into a new consciousness. You begin with a day full of news of the new way so be aware that challenges will be presented to old ways of doing things and stay connected to your intuition to find the way through. You then have the underlying energies of the Master Messenger supporting you through the restless energies of choice and freedom which must be used constructively and put into action with patience, persistence and determination. Now you are presented with the highest Physical Master vibration of Christed Consciousness manifest so you have entered a period where you must keep centered and remain balanced as you accept responsibilities for compassion with courage and faith in the Higher Forces that all is in its right order. You end the month with vibrations which increase your sensitivity to the truth which lies beneath the surface which will give you opportunities to get into the flow and gain command of your Inner world which will bring order to your outer world. Your goal is to complete this month by being open to expansion and growth, be aware of what your beliefs really are so that they support your principles and be united and in the flow between your Physical and Spiritual identities.

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Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at, by phone at (770) 517-3713. Look for the new Anthology about 2012 that she is  part of and is a top seller on Amazon and distributed by New Leaf Publishing at

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