The Awakening Center, Inc



Spiritual/Intuitive Counseling

By Phone, Chatroom, in person (see below)

This portion of The Awakening Center's services use 'life experiences', intuition (psychic abilities) and/or esoteric tools (Astrology, Numerology, Tarot etc.) to provide insight for you to empower yourself.

We believe that all have the power within to make the choices to pursue the path in life they wish. Each of us must walk our own path (not that dictated by another) to fulfill our soul's desire.

This part of our Center is geared to helping you find YOUR path and tools you have brought in with you for this lifetime.

Our purpose is not to take your power away from you, each of us require assistance from time to time in clearing up a "cloud" around a situation; however, our goal is to assist YOU in finding the center of YOU the place within where all true answers are found and we find our true empowerment.

To schedule a time for your appointment with us, just click on this link and e-mail us with two dates and times that will be convenient with you and we will send you a confirmation. This can be online, in person or by phone. Schedule an Appointment.


  Online Chatroom or in person session:
(Also can have this session by phone if you wish to incur the additional phone charges.)

60 minutes - $120.00 click here to order.


30 minutes - $60.00 click here to order.

If you have special needs and would like to arrange for other means of exchange, email us and we will be glad to work with you.