The Awakening Center, Inc



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We are a Ministry of Metaphysical Humanists using spiritual psychology to assist individuals and groups in self empowerment through creation without competition. We are a nondenominational, nonsectarian organization, all paths are welcome. We believe that everyone's own sanctuary is within their own heart.


The Awakening Center, Incorporated,

is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Georgia and devoted to the awakening of all humankind to the power and potential within each of us. We are a nonprofit status (501(c)(3)) with the federal government. Understand that any contribution you make may be deductible on your federal income tax.

We are planning many projects and we will be posting those on this site as they are developed. Our approach is one of support for the individual or group in finding and accepting who they really are, spirit manifesting for a while in a bodysuit. If you would like to contribute to the support of the Center and our ongoing work, please click the "donate" icon.

For other donations of time, skills, materials or property. Please click on the link and send us an email. Contributions - Other gifts

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